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Spring Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie inspiration from People Mag. Our fave is the Anti-Inflammatory Shake. The flavor takes us back to our last tropical vacation. Enjoy!


Maternity Wear Inspo

As the owner of Frils, you can't imagine how happy I am to indulge in my jewelry obsession throughout my pregnancy, since jewelry always fits (except maybe for the occasional ring as swelling kicks in). Lately, as the snow melts and warm weather approaches I've been seeking maternity wear inspiration. I no longer want to rely on maternity leggings and baggy sweaters. I'm excited to find new ways to dress my bump, look fashionable and feel good about myself!
Here are some fashion bloggers I've been following who are (or recently were) preggo and have been providing...

Chocolate Is Actually Good For Your Skin!

You're going to love this -  Eating chocolate doesn't cause acne. Hormonal factors, bacteria and skin cells are at the root of problematic skin. Stress can exacerbate flareups. Studies have shown that high quality dark chocolate increases circulation and decreases inflammation in the skin. Most grocery store chocolates are filled with GMO sugar and soy, bad fats, artificial flavors and colors that are usually the culprit for breakouts. Oh, and don't forget the dairy and gluten. 
The next time you...

Blogs We Love

Here at Frils we love a good blog, whether it be style, beauty, food or travel related. Here are some of our faves. Check 'em out for yourselves!

  1. - fashion blog focused on beauty, travel, style, shoes and bags, and daily outfit inspirations

  2. - premier destination for fashion, food and lifestyle inspiration

  3. and - self explanatory

  4. - major beauty inspiration - less product focused - more about looks

  5. - facialist to the stars, Cecilia...

Spring Clean-Eating

The juice craze has come a long way since the 90s. Just in time for Spring as a matter of fact. We wanted to shed some light on juice places that will have you begging for more. 

If you’re a juice fanatic like we are, there are a lot of places that deserve some street cred (and have the cold press process and nutritional benefits to boot)! While doing some competitive juicing, we’ve found that these three places have some bragging rights. Upon walking into these local hipster hangouts, you won’t find you’ll be competing against any real juice snobbery....