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How to Pull Off the Multiple-Earring Trend Like a Fashion Girl

How to Pull Off the Multiple-Earring Trend Like a Fashion Girl

It doesn’t take much more than a scroll through Instagram to recognize that wearing a mix of different earrings is a thing. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion insiders have been devoted to the edgy look more than ever as of late, and it’s easy to see why.

A smattering of earrings simply looks pretty. It’s almost like little constellations on your ears, if you will, but that’s not to say that bold earrings can’t be a part of the equation.

Winter to Spring Transition

Ah Spring! The birds are starting to chirp, flowers starting to bloom, and we get to dig back through our warmer weather pieces and decide what we can start incorporating back into our wardrobe. Here are our top picks - winter pieces to keep in your arsenal - and Spring pieces to break out of your closet!

Time to throw back on that leather jacket. We love this jacket from All Saints!

Don't forget to bundle with a scarf, a...

A Day to Remember

What makes a wedding memorable? Well, one might say the dress, and another might say the people that they share it with. We can’t say which is right or wrong, but we can say where you choose to have your wedding is very important. Ceremonies are about fun, and C A K E!!!
What You’ll Need...
The perfect spot for photographs...

Boho Weddings is one of our personal favorite...

You May Say That We Are Dreamers…

We thought that doing a few posts focusing specifically on weddings over the next few weeks will serve up a little inspiration for all of you brides to be! 

Top Notch Top Knots and Fairy Tale Braids

Spring is coming and what better way to start off the season with some fresh new hairstyles to spruce up your look!