How to Pull Off the Multiple-Earring Trend Like a Fashion Girl

How to Pull Off the Multiple-Earring Trend Like a Fashion Girl

It doesn’t take much more than a scroll through Instagram to recognize that wearing a mix of different earrings is a thing. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion insiders have been devoted to the edgy look more than ever as of late, and it’s easy to see why.

A smattering of earrings simply looks pretty. It’s almost like little constellations on your ears, if you will, but that’s not to say that bold earrings can’t be a part of the equation.

We love a bold statement earring along with a few little studs thrown into the mix to complement each other, and if you have just one piercing in each ear, there’s no need to feel left out! Try wearing a different earring in each. It can be as subtle or as eye-catching as you’d like, depending on the size of the earrings.

While it may look complicated, the secret to mixing and matching earrings like a fashion girl is rather simple—anything goes, as long as it feels cohesive and uncluttered. That means mixed metals and stones in different shapes and sizes are a definite do, but keep them within a similar family (e.g., one modern statement earring and a smattering of minimalistic studs, or an ear full of delicate diamond studs and hoops).

We love our Dara Ettinger Felicia Druzy Studs layered with our Hoop and Chain earrings by Nashelle. Happy pairing!

Source: Who What Wear, August '16

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