Get to know: Serefina

Do you love handmade jewelry? Do you love urban vintage handmade jewelry? If your answer is yes to both of those questions then Serefina is the jewelry designer for you!

Founded in 2010, Serefina is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but stretches all the way to Thailand. Uniquely their inspiration comes from arts and crafts of South East Asia.  Lucky for you, we have tons of Serefina pieces to choose from!

We drool over everything from the Serefina line, mainly, and (not limited to) their uniqueness and trendiness; it’s so hard to choose a favorite.

Serefina’s known mission is to bring the exquisite quality and warmth of hand-made jewelry and accessories to fit an everyday life of a modern woman and we think they do exactly that!

They have versatile pieces that can mesh and go with something in every woman’s closet.

You can choose anything from the Emerald Dagger Studs, to the Mesh Feather Tweety Bib, and the Cascade Ritual Crest Necklace

No matter which Serefina piece you pick, you absolutely cannot go wrong. We promise that Serefina will not disappoint. Let us know what you think about Serefina--Instagram or Tweet us @FrilsShop!! And follow our Serefina pieces on Pinterest at

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