You May Say That We Are Dreamers…

But we are not the only ones. What is most exciting about Spring? Well, wedding season of course! We are proud to announce one of our very own Frils gals is approaching her big day. Hooray! We thought that doing a few posts focusing specifically on weddings over the next few weeks will serve up a little inspiration for all of you brides to be! This weeks post will be about dresses and accessories that will have you begging for more.

It seems while hanging around bridal shops on the net, we decided that dusty rose was certainly on the top of everyones wish list. Quite a few shops are featuring this color along with brilliant shades of soft lavender.
We especially like this line of dresses that Anthropologie is featuring on their website under the bridals section, BLDHN. In particular, we have featured above (from left to right) The Claudine, Dansy, and Ariel dress. We absolutely adore them! If you’re not a fan of pink, there are plenty of other options that we thought were just stunning. Be sure to go online and check out their selection. The accessories alone are enough to have you drooling. Their dresses are very affordable if you’re on a budget!
Vintage weddings have been on the rise over the last decade and what a great time to have websites like Etsy to fulfill all your vintage fantasies. There are a ton of beautiful and unique wedding dresses that will make you feel like you’ve just teleported back in time. A second crucial piece to every girls special day is the perfect veil. Some people are saying veils are a thing of the past, but call us old fashioned. It’s fascinating how times haven’t really changed in that respect. However, there is something very special and unique about vintage veils and just how lovely they really are!

While combing Anthropologie’s bridal section we found these adorable pieces from many different era’s. If you’re a modern romantic, this is most definitely the place for you! We could spend hours combing the selection of veils they have.  Last but not least...drum roll please...we have the most gorgeous dresses (in our opinion of course) straight from the runway, 2014. The most classy, sophisticated, and effortlessly chic wedding dress says, “she will wear white.”  However, “ A Times They Are A-Changin.”
A multitude of colors have been spotted on the runways and look totally wedding day worthy. Here are a few of our personal favorites, and they’re as classy and fabulous as ever! Bottom left, we featured Jenny Packhams Bridal Catwalk…and to the right (below) we have to MZ2 by Mark Zunino. The elegant nature of the first dress is so reminiscent of a fairytale wedding we just couldn’t help ourselves. Any bride to be will be sure to second guess whether white is the right choice while gawking at the fit of this amazing dress! The second (also featured below) has an incredible sweetheart neckline - sure to sweep you off your feet! The elegance of the lace trim is so stunningly placed it looks like something out of an old film noir. 

Whether you’re an old fashioned girl at heart, or you like the traditional modern wedding, we like it too! We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @FrilsShop and  tag #frilsshop wearing our pieces! If you’d like us to feature something on our Instagram that you think we would love go ahead and tag #frilswedding if you think it’s fancy! 

And remember... always wear flowers in your hair!

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