Top Five Photo-Worthy or “Instaworthy” Places in New York City

Ask yourself this question: Do you jump at the opportunity to take a photo (or be in one)? If yes, then you’re probably going to want to keep reading. New York has been a tourist hot spot for centuries. From it’s bustling streets to its quiet Botanical Gardens New York has it all. But lets first imagine you could have the key to where to go at your fingertips. Well, now you do. Here is a list of places we think you’ll adore, so put your adventurers hat on and get out there. Most of these places will make you feel like you time warped into a different era. 

  1. Stone Street Historic District

The 1660 street was formally known as 'Brewers Street.” Stone Street is home to a fabulous Oyster Festival in September. This little alley full of restaurants is one of the few places in New York where you can drink in the streets! 

     2.  Abandoned Smallpox Hospital

Try taking a day trip out to Roosevelt Island on your next day off to get some really interesting and sometimes eerie shots of this overgrown and forgotten shrine to the past. The hospital opened in 1856 and closed some time in 1972. It has been named a historic landmark and photos there are always welcome! 

      3.    Belvedere Castle

Built in 1869 this original Victorian Castle still stands in the heart of Central Park. If you play your cards right, at dawn you may be able to steal some incredible shots of this places natural beauty. 

    4.   Fort Tyron Park

Fort Tyron is a public park that borders Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of New York City.  The park was the creation of philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and remains a historic landmark where The Battle of Fort Washington was fought in the American Revolutionary War. Insta worthy? We think, YES. 


     5.   Old City Hall Station

Old City Hall Station was built in 1904, and closed in 1945 due to modifications on the MTA. It is only available to view on a tour, which ranges with museum membership costs. For a mere $50, you can jump on the train and snap some memorable photos of the forgotten underground. Dont forget to mind the gap

 These places are everything you would want out of a photo and more. They are also great places for beginners to try their photography! Not to mention, a great place to do a vintage fashion shoot! So put on your polka dots and get out there! Until next time...

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