Daylight Savings

As we begin to see the remnants of snow melt from the sidewalks and bustling city streets we are reminded to turn our clocks forward one hour to “save daylight.” Where on earth did we get such a peculiar idea? Initially, the idea of DST was proposed by old man Ben Franklin. Although the official credit for DST was given to a man named William Willett in 1905, (he came up with the idea of moving the clocks forward in the summer to take advantage of the daylight in the mornings and the lighter evenings) it was first brought up in an essay by Franklin during a stay in Paris in the 1700s. So there you have it, the history of DST and where it originated. What does this have to do with us? Well, it certainly affects us all. In fact, it connects us all to the world and the outdoors. We are generally more likely to be out and about during these endless spring and summer days.
On the note of SAVINGS….it’s probably a good time to hit the streets and shop for sale items! Our favorite time to shop for basics is the end of the winter season (there are daylight savings sales)! This week, Madewell by J.Crew is offering an extra 30% off their sale collection! Sweet. Just go to their website and use the promo code DAYLIGHT. 

Also, it’s not a bad time to shop for swimwear. There are a lot of retailers who often have sale pieces year round. While scanning the internet to fuel our online shopping addiction, we came across Free Peoples extensive sale collection and they have some pretty neat stuff! You can even shop by how much you’d like to spend. Check out their gorgeous Copcacabana Crochet One Piece Bathing Suit. This is an absolute must have for your trip to the Hamptons this summer for all you NYers (featured left). One of the most interesting places to check out in SoHo is In God We trust NYC. They have locations in Soho, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint. They have a fine collection of jewelry, clothing, scents, and candles. We are obsessed! They always have a great selection on sale on their website as well. A piece that we are dying over is this reversible cropped top! How freaking cute is it!?

It isn’t hard to look for great savings in New York. If you’re around the SoHo area, lot’s of retailers do promotions this week. As a matter of fact, we are launching a giveaway tomorrow at midnight so don't forget to check back and enter for a chance to win some great jewelry along with some fantastic China Glaze polishes. And as always is offering free shipping on items that total $100 or more. Even sweeter. There is no shame in saving. However you want to spend your time outdoors in your best attire, or lounging by the pool, don’t forget to check out all the amazing savings that are right at your fingertips! Yay for EComm! 
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